Over the past few weeks, Mark Zuckerberg memes have been floating around the Internet.

Here are a few of my favorites:

When I was given the task to create my own meme, I was extremely excited. The memes that I like to look at are ones that make me laugh. I knew I wanted to create something humorous involving the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. I couldn’t seem to get past the idea that Cambridge Analytica took friend of friend’s information. Therefore I came up with the caption “When your Facebook friend tells you they took the Cambridge Analytica personality quiz” and searched for a photo with someone clearly annoyed/disappointed.

This was the result:

I loved creating my own meme and seeing what my peers came up with. It’s a simple and fun way to get across serious political messages. So many people complain about politics…They talk about how boring or confusing they can be. But memes are a way they could understand better and possibly become more interested.

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