Privacy Dialogues

The Privacy Dialogues interviews were intriguing. I found a lot of similarities between my interviewee and the people my peers interviewed. It seems as though these breaking stories about technological invasions and information robbery have little effect on people. After interviewees were made aware of the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook debacle, many did not consider deleting Facebook or even changing their online habits. It’s like your mechanic told you that your car has problems but you refuse to fix it.

Although it is scary to see the naivety of Facebook users, I am in the same boat. Unless something detrimental happens, I will continue to use this social media platform the same way I have been using it for the past ten years. I’m definitely a fan of Domain of One’s Own because I have much more control over my accessible data. I love the fact that it can exist after its educative purpose is fulfilled. I can express myself in various ways using text, pictures, video, and audio. This domain is not some hard-copy record of progress that needs to be transferred through different systems. It is a digital portfolio that can be taken wherever you go.

The creation of an individualized domain can be connected back to the issue of privacy. These domains are a result of people wanting more control of their information. Interview responses made it clear that people are concerned about their privacy, but most of them do not care enough to do anything about it. This can be a simple solution for those people that do not want to abolish their social media profiles. They can develop a more private space where they can confidently share their ideas.

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